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ACTION FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA –WALES(CYMRU-ACTSA) is the successor organisation to the WALES ANTI APARTHEID MOVEMENT. ACTSA was formed in 1994 after the  collapse of Apartheid in South Africa and the inauguration of NELSON MANDELA as the non racial President of South Africa.

WAAM ,described as the most powerful pressure group in Wales  campaigned vigorously for  an end to racism, colonialism and Apartheid in South and Southern  Africa.  It enjoyed widespread support throughout Wales from all walks of life and across the political spectrum, for decades .It was run  entirely for many years from the home of the Secretary , Hanef Bhamjee and by volunteers. There were no paid staff. WAAM was supported entirely by members donations , fund raising activities and occasional donations of small amounts of money.

 WAAM worked for the isolation of the Apartheid  regime  on all fronts, political, economic , cultural and sporting with remarkable support from the people of Wales .

In 1989 the Wales Rugby Union broke links with Apartheid Rugby..The movement was active in most parts of Wales and was renowned for its campaigns for example on the boycott of South African goods  and  the picketing of super markets .When Nelson  Mandela received the “Freedom Of The City Of Cardiff” in 1998 he thanked the people of Wales for their actions of Solidarity with the oppressed people of South Africa. ACTSA  since 1994 has raised funds for a variety of Charities  and NGOs largely in relation to education and health .

THE SOWETO WALK  which was first  held after the Soweto shootings which saw the killings of many black school children in June 1976, and massive worldwide  protests against apartheid ,continues to be a big fundraiser .

ACTSA is recognised as a charity for tax purposes and all donations will attract appropriate GIFT AID. The organisation raises funds annually and has done so since 1994. For example in January 2015 some fifteen organisations were recipients of  funds raised by ACTSA  in 2014,.

As a Charity ACTSA’s aims and objectives are :

  • to support development projects of a charitable nature in southern Africa (defined as those countries in membership of the Southern Africa Development Community- SADC)
  • to support projects for the elimination of poverty in the region, to assist in pre-school, primary and secondary education projects and if appropriate, further education projects,
  • to promote and support projects dealing with health initiatives and serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS,
  • to assist sporting and religious groupings amongst deprived communities,
  • to provide speakers where appropriate in an attempt to promote friendship, cooperation and partnership between people.




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