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ACTION FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA –WALES(CYMRU-ACTSA) is the successor organisation to the WALES ANTI APARTHEID MOVEMENT. ACTSA was formed in 1994 after the  collapse of Apartheid in South Africa and the inauguration of NELSON MANDELA as the non racial President of South Africa.

As a Charity ACTSA’s aims and objectives are :

  • to support development projects of a charitable nature in southern Africa (defined as those countries in membership of the Southern Africa Development Community- SADC)
  • to support projects for the elimination of poverty in the region,
  • to assist in pre-school, primary and secondary education projects and if appropriate, further education projects,
  • to promote and support projects dealing with health initiatives and serious diseases such as HIV/AIDS,
  • to assist sporting and religious groupings amongst deprived communities,
  • to provide speakers where appropriate in an attempt to promote friendship, cooperation and partnership between people.

"The Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement spoke for a people who cared for our freedom as their own." Nelson Mandela, 1998



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Raise money for ACTSA Cymru when you shop online by registering with easyfundraising.org.uk .  Follow this link for more information. 

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